Valley Republic Bank

Valley Republic Bank commenced operations in early 2009 with a commitment to revive a level of confidence and service to local professionals and to the business community. The bank was founded by a group of 24 local professionals who believed its customers deserved a local financial institution that could respond to them quickly, efficiently, consistently and personally. To those founders, it was about relationships; it was about being available, prepared and engaged.

Today, you will find that we have become a reliable, responsive resource for our customers. We call it “relationship banking.” For our customers, that means competitive products and services, the latest technological conveniences and a sincere appreciation for the business entrusted to us. It means that we’re available. It means that we try harder than anyone else to stay one step ahead — in every regard.

When you need us, you can always reach us. You’ll be welcomed here. You’ll find someone who is pleased to meet you, and who wants to help.