Cory Pesaturo

Cory Pesaturo (“C Pez”) is revolutionizing the Accordion.  The only person to ever win the trio of World Championships on Acoustic, Digital & Jazz Accordion, and the only Accordion graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.  In 2017, Pesaturo became a Guinness World Record Holder, as RedBull® flew him to Austria to break the Marathon Accordion Record, in which Cory played for 32 Hours & 14 Minutes.  His performances at all 3 of his World Championships were played on accordions which were not his, and were generally 90% improvised; both aspects are unheard of in the accordion world.  CPez has given 4 TED Talks, 2 Google Talks, an EG Talk, and spoken at various other conferences on the accordion & its history.

Read more at his website here.