Matteo Mancuso

While still in high school (of music), Matteo picked up classical guitar and transverse flute. It didn’t take long for everyone around to understand that a kid prodigy was blooming. Before long, just turned 12 years of age, Matteo took his first steps on stage at a local jazz festival, and since then, his acquaintance with live performances turned into confidence and developed through various line-ups and interactions with top local musicians. A multi-faceted player, classical or electric, what really is astounding and takes everyone aback is the one-of-a-kind technique and use of his fingers instead of regular picking.

The killer tone and original sound truly put his talent in a different league altogether. His YouTube channel is now at 150k subscribers, most comments come from all over the world, and his international fanbase keeps growing as people catch wind of something new in the guitar world… many are the names mentioning Matteo as a force to be reckoned with, from Joe Bonamassa to Al DiMeola: “An absolute talent; his improvisational ability is light years ahead. It would take two or three lifetimes.”

Be prepared to have your musical mind blown!

Visit Matteo’s website here.